Optimising Workplace Safety with First Aid Solutions in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is faced with risks that are thrice as likely to cause serious injuries compared to other sectors. The predominant accidents involve falls, mishaps with machinery, hand tools, and knives. At Cederroth, we provide high-quality, user-friendly First Aid equipment, tailored specifically for the construction industry.

Addressing Common Risks

Machinery and Tool Use

Operating machinery and tools can lead to severe or minor wounds. It's crucial to have a wall-mounted First Aid station in a visible location, complemented by mobile First Aid kits for immediate onsite treatment. Such kits are also essential for company vehicles and high-risk work off-site. To enhance safety, directional signs indicating the location of First Aid equipment should be installed.

Chemical Exposures

Construction materials like cement and concrete are alkaline and corrosive. Immediate access to Eye Wash is paramount in case of an accident. Cederroth's buffered Eye Wash neutralizes alkalis and acids, and is phosphate-free, making it safe for use with substances containing calcium. For colder work environments, we recommend a heated Eye Wash cabinet to prevent freezing or excessive cooling of the Eye Wash containers.

Welding Work

Welding tasks often lead to burn injuries. In the absence of a nearby water source, mobile burn aid products are recommended. Our Cederroth Burn Kit, comprising Burn Gel Dressings in various sizes, is designed to cool burn injuries rapidly, limit damage spread and alleviate pain.

Working at Height and in Tough Environments

Working at height or in challenging environments increases the risk of falls, slips, and trips. A comprehensive risk assessment, coupled with appropriate protective equipment like guardrails and safety harnesses, is vital to mitigate these risks. However, should an accident occur, Mobile First Aid kits equipped with bandages and cold packs are advisable for onsite treatment. Having stretchers and splints readily available is also beneficial.

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