Collection: Plasters

Presenting Salvequick Plasters and Plaster Dispensers - a seamless, user-friendly system designed to offer immediate relief and protection for wounds. Our plasters are not just easy to apply; they are flexible and conveniently designed to adapt to your needs and lifestyle.

Our unique Plaster Dispenser ensures cleanliness and hygiene. By pulling the plasters downwards, you avoid contaminating the remaining plasters with dirt or blood, ensuring each plaster is as clean and sterile as when first packaged. This design ensures the plasters are always ready to use when you need them the most.

To prevent wastage, our refills are securely locked within the dispenser. We offer an array of plaster refill options to suit various needs, including plastic, fabric, and blue detectable plasters specifically designed for the food industry.

With our Plaster Dispensers & Plaster Refills, immediate wound care has never been more accessible or efficient. Explore our range today and experience the Salvequick difference in wound care.