Collection: Soft Foam Bandage

Cederroth First Aid is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our product offerings: the revolutionary Soft Foam Bandage, an original creation by Snögg. This innovative solution goes beyond the capabilities of traditional plasters, offering a flexible, rapid, and protective answer to wounds, especially for those who work primarily with their hands.

Our Soft Foam Bandage is designed with ease and convenience in mind. Simply wrap it around the wounded area and apply a gentle squeeze - it's that effortless! Unlike conventional bandages, this product is designed to stay firmly in place, even when you're hard at work.

We have taken customization to the next level with our Soft Foam Bandage Collection, offering a variety of sizes and colors to suit your unique needs. Furthermore, we provide an array of dispenser solutions, ensuring that this innovative bandage solution integrates seamlessly into any workplace setting.

Explore our Soft Foam Bandage Collection today and experience a new level of comfort, protection, and flexibility in wound care.