Schools & offices

Schools & offices

First Aid Preparedness in Schools & Offices with Cederroth

As contrary to common belief, office environments and schools are not devoid of potential hazards. Cederroth presents a comprehensive range of First Aid products meticulously designed to ensure safety in these settings.

Common Risks and Cederroth Solutions

Sharp Tools and Paper Cuts

From using sharp office tools to the seemingly harmless paper, risks of cuts are prevalent. Equipping your premises with our Cederroth First Aid Stations can provide immediate aid for such incidents. Moreover, our Wound Care and Plaster Dispensers are an excellent addition to areas prone to minor cuts and wounds.

Slippery Floors and Stairs

Slips and falls, leading to sprains and strains, are common in offices and schools. To deal with such incidents, our portable Cederroth First Aid Kit XL, packed with dressings, elastic bandages, cold packs and bandages, can be a lifesaver.


Kitchens in offices and practical classes in schools present risks of burns. Our Cederroth First Aid & Burn Station, equipped with Burn Gel dressings, blue plasters and blood stoppers, is ideal for such high-risk areas.


Even in seemingly safe environments like offices and schools, chemicals are often used. Accidental splashes can cause severe eye injuries. Cederroth's buffered Eye Wash neutralises alkalis and acids, offering a more effective response than tap water or saline solutions, and increasing the chances of saving vision.

Outdoor Accidents

Children playing outdoors can encounter accidents such as cuts, sprains or burns. Our mobile First Aid Kits (Medium or Large), coupled with a cold pack, are recommended for outings, ensuring immediate response to any unforeseen incidents.

Remember, safety is paramount, and being prepared can make a world of difference. Choose Cederroth for comprehensive and high-quality First Aid solutions in schools and offices.

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