Warehouse & Logistics

Warehouse & Logistics

Warehouse & Logistics Safety with Cederroth First Aid Solutions

Operating in the bustling environment of warehouses and logistics demands a focus on safety. Cederroth provides premium, easy-to-use First Aid products specifically designed for these dynamic spaces. The common risks in these industries include forklift collisions, slips and falls, injuries from sharp tools and knives, and chemical hazards.

Common Risks and Solutions

Forklift Accidents

Forklifts, while crucial for operations, can cause severe injuries, including crush injuries and damage from falling objects. To mitigate these risks, it's advisable to install multiple First Aid Stations throughout the facility and have Mobile First Aid Kits readily available. In the event of serious injuries, stretchers should be on hand for safe transportation.

Slips and Falls

Common occurrences in warehouse environments, slips, and falls can be mitigated by having accessible First Aid equipment close at hand.

Sharp Tools and Knives

Injuries from tools and knives, common during packing and shipping processes, can be promptly addressed with readily available plasters and bandages. Our Wound Care Dispenser is an ideal addition to packing stations, complementing our First Aid Station.


Chemicals, especially in forklift charging stations, pose a risk of eye injuries. While personal protective equipment is essential, having Cederroth's Emergency Eye Wash available significantly improves safety. Our Eye Wash is buffered and neutralises alkalis and acids, offering a higher chance of preserving vision compared to tap water or saline solutions. We offer a variety of packaging and storage solutions, including heated Eye Wash cabinets for cold work environments and pocket-sized Eye Wash for high-risk remote sites.

Pro Tip!

For workplaces with multiple First Aid Stations, consider installing a larger First Aid cabinet with built-in storage for refill products to streamline maintenance.

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