Restaurant & Food

Restaurant & Food

Enhancing Safety in the Restaurant & Food Industry with Cederroth First Aid Products

In the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of the restaurant and food industry, safety is paramount. Cederroth offers a comprehensive range of first aid products specifically designed to address common hazards such as cuts, burns, slips, and exposure to chemicals.

Addressing Common Risks

Sharp Implements and Machinery

Kitchen operations often involve plenty of cutting, slicing, and dicing, where even a minor mistake can lead to a serious injury. Cederroth's First Aid & Burn Station is designed to treat most common kitchen injuries. Given the frequent use of plasters in restaurant settings, we recommend our Wound Care Station with easily detectable, magnetic blue plasters and Soft Foam bandage strips.

Heat-related Injuries

Hot surfaces, oils, and steam can cause burns, particularly during the cleaning of deep fat fryers. Our Burn Gel dressings cool the burn area, provide pain relief and can be crucial during the journey to the hospital, if required.

Chemical Exposures

Various cleaning agents and disinfectants used in the food industry are highly corrosive and can cause severe eye injuries. Our buffered Eye Wash neutralises alkalis and acids, offering a more effective solution than flushing eyes with tap water, thereby increasing the chance of preserving vision.

Slips and Falls

Wet and slippery floors often lead to slips and falls in kitchen environments. While following safety routines and using protective equipment can prevent many accidents, having a wall-mounted First Aid & Burn Station and mobile First Aid Kits in larger settings is also recommended to promptly address any injuries.

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