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Cederroth Blue Detectable Plaster, Fingertip/Regular, 30 pieces/refill

Cederroth Blue Detectable Plaster, Fingertip/Regular, 30 pieces/refill

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Salvequick Blue Detectable Plasters: High-Quality, Allergy-Tested, and Designed for the Food Industry

Salvequick Blue Detectable Plasters are specifically engineered for use in the food industry. Their unique composition and distinctive blue colour make them easily detectable by most metal detectors used in food processing, ensuring optimum safety standards. Additionally, the noticeable blue hue aids visual identification, contributing to overall food hygiene and safety.


Each refill pack contains 30 plasters, divided into two convenient sizes:

  • 15 plasters measuring 66 x 39 (22) mm
  • 15 plasters measuring 72 x 19 mm

Each box contains 6 refill packs, providing a substantial supply for your needs.

Key Features:

  • High-quality construction for reliable wound coverage
  • Allergy-tested, ensuring suitability for all skin types
  • Convenient and easy to apply
  • Specially designed for use in the food industry
  • Easily detected by most food industry metal detectors
  • Vivid blue colour for easy visual detection
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