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Cederroth Elastic Bandage 8 cm x 4

Cederroth Elastic Bandage 8 cm x 4

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Cederroth Elastic Bandage: Flexible Support for Injuries

The Cederroth Elastic Bandage provides robust support for a variety of injuries. Measuring 8 cm in width and extending to 4 metres in length, this bandage is designed to comfortably fit and support different body parts. Included clips ensure secure fastening.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Support: Accommodates a variety of injuries requiring support or compression
  • Generous Size: Extends to 4 metres in length and 8 cm in width to fit different body parts
  • Secure Fastening: Comes with clips for secure attachment and ease of use


Dimensions: 8 cm x 4 m (extended)
Includes: Bandage clips

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