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Cederroth Wound Cleanser and Plaster

Cederroth Wound Cleanser and Plaster

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Salvequick First Aid Combo Bag: Comprehensive Wound Care On-The-Go

This Salvequick First Aid Combo Bag packs a punch with 20 Salvequick Plasters and 10 Salvequick Wound Cleansers, offering a comprehensive wound care solution in one convenient package. Perfect for on-the-go situations, this kit ensures you're always ready to treat minor injuries.


  • 20 Salvequick Plasters: High-quality, easy-to-apply plasters for covering and protecting wounds
  • 10 Salvequick Wound Cleansers: Sterile and individually packed for effective wound cleaning

Key Features:

  • Convenient: All-in-one bag for easy portability and storage
  • Comprehensive: Contains both plasters and wound cleansers for versatile wound care
  • Quality: Products made to high standards for effective wound treatment
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